11 Jun 2018

As humans, we are given a tremendous amount of power.

We have this power because we were given free will.

Although everything has been predestined for us, how we choose to react has been left to us.

It is how we are tested. It is how we are judged.

I used to be rather arrogant being an atheist and thinking that I knew everything that needs to be known about the world. Even if I didn’t have the knowledge in my head, I knew I had it at my fingertips...

29 Jun 2017

Today I prayed my first Asar prayer in 40 days.

Dealing with the birth of my baby, Masha, was challenging to say the least. For awhile, I was just existing as a nebulous cloud of hormones, emotions, and pain; utterly overwhelmed by what motherhood entails.

So, a break from prayers, and in my case, Ramadhan, was initially a relief for me. But when I started seeing posts on social media of how magical Ramadhan has been for some, how emotional terawih ...

5 Jun 2017

This happened in the Ramadhan of 2015, just after I converted.

I was extremely grouchy on this day for 3 reasons:

- Aizat told me that the mosque we were going to had no aircon

- Aizat and I were supposed to have our iftar at a Pasar Malam but he changed our plan at the very last minute to meet at Orchard instead (and I hate Orchard)

- I was craving for vadai (vegetable fritters) to break fast with but again, we were in the middle of Orchard (Aizat stil...

31 Jul 2016

Assalamualaikum readers.

With reference to the title, has anyone ever felt the same way? I’m pretty sure plenty have been in such a situation before. Well, if you haven’t then you are amazing and your determination level must be at its maximum all the time. So please share some tips because your fellow sister here needs ’em.

If you google the definition of the phrase, ‘2 steps forward 1 step back’, it means to say that someone is struggling in makin...

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