1 Aug 2017

This is the continuation to an earlier post of the same title where we explored certain verses in the Qur'an which appears to have been validated by modern science.

While that post focused on scientific miracles relating to the Universe and Creation, this post will explore further Signs in the Qur'an relating to the field of geography.

1. Mountains

The Qur'an draws attention to several important geological functions of mountains that were discovered...

25 Jul 2017

I've always wanted to be scientist. My father and I would always have so much fun dreaming and visualizing about how I would change the world and be featured in TIME magazine's Person of the Year. We would think about how to present our story - my childhood, my parents, our challenges, my influences and journey - to make it sound as inspiring and magical as we possibly could.

All the way up till my third year in University, I was dead sure...

28 Jun 2017

This is a follow-up to the post 'My journey in science and religion' where I discussed the evolution of my religious beliefs since I was a child. We ended off that post with my interest in Islam being sparked after a conversation with my husband. I was then posed with a dilemma: Science or Religion? Surely they were incompatible; there were scholars who made a living and a career out of debating against one or the other. As a science student who worsh...

24 Jun 2017

At the beginning

I was born into a family that was not too religious. My grandmother was Buddhist so that was what we practiced at home – burning joss sticks, joss papers, praying in front of the altar etc.

I would tag along whenever my parents were instructed by my grandmother to make offerings at temples and during the Hungry Ghost Festival. They identified more as freethinkers and practiced Buddhism in our home mainly on behalf on my grandmother...

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