T R M  V L O G S

# L E T T E R S   T O   M A S H A

Letters to Masha is a series of letters written to my baby daughter, Masha.


It is a consolidation of the greatest lessons life & faith has taught me. From a baby muslimah to another, these are the most important life lessons that I think every young muslim should know about.

When I first told my father that I wanted to learn more about Islam, he smiled. 

He said it was his dream come true. All he ever wanted for his children was a religion - any religion - they could connect with because he believed that all religions teach good.

As he grew older, he realised that he wouldn't be by my side forever to guide me, but he saw religion as something that could.

Just the other day, he told my sister, "I hope you find a man with a religion, just like jiejie did". 


My father was a terrific guide to me, and he inspires me every day to be the best guide to Masha. But likewise, I know that I will not be around for Masha forever, and I don't know when my last words to her will be. 


So hopefully, with these lessons that I have documented for her, she will always find strength and inspiration in both the good and the bad times of her life.

W H Y  L E T T E R S   T O   M A S H A ?