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Allah has one solution for your every problem

Wouldn't it be great if we had an all-in-one solution for every single problem we face in life?

How fortunate is the Muslim, for Allah has already prescribed a solution for every problem His servant will face. And the solution is incredibly simple:​

It's La illaha ilallah.

With La illaha ilallah, you accept that everything happens according to His will and decree.

With La illaha ilallah, you accept that whatever befell you was decreed by Allah.

With La illaha ilallah, you relinquish the control you had (or you attempted to have) over it, submit to His will, and leave it in the hands of your Lord.

With La illaha ilallah, you accept that everything you face – the stress, the pain, the sadness – are secondary to your faith in Allah.

The Prophet s.a.w. explained:

"How amazing is the affair of the Muslim! His affairs are all good. If he experiences ease, he is grateful, and that is good for him. If he experiences hardship, he faces it with patience and perseverance, and that is also good for him"

[Muslim, 18/25]

We are often pulled in many directions – the bills need paying, your work is piling up, you can't seem to communicate with your spouse, your in-laws are having unrealistic expectations of you. You feel that you are being stretched too thin.

Put aside all of that. Have faith and submit to Him. Focus on La illaha ilallah. Focus on Him. Accept that there is no God except Allah. He is the provider of all things. He is the Knower of all things. Not you, for you are just His servant. Accept that things are beyond you. Everything that has happened happens in His terms, not yours. In His timing, not yours.

Build that sanctuary of La illaha ilallah in your heart. Surrender yourself to Him and you will find peace.


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