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Islam: The gift that keeps on giving

Few years ago, a mailman arrived and dumped a gigantic parcel on my door step.

"I didn't order this!" "Is this your address?" "Ya." "Then it's yours." "Huh? It must be a mistake. I never ordered this!" "Just doing my job, please sign here ma'am."

And I was left with the huge parcel at my door.

I gingerly peeled open a corner of it and a human emerged. He was quite short and plumpy with slight curls in his hair. He had a genuine smile and a big heart which I could see through his chest.

With him by my side, we began to unravel the contents of this parcel together. There was some Guidance, and an invite to Darul Arqam. We found a few books, a few Ramadhan miracles, a FAQ that answered some of my burning questions about life and religion. A few helplines to call if a hit a snag, and a handy guide for the best Halal substitutes for all my favorite food.

It was fun, though sometimes challenging, to go through all that stuff. Big-hearted guy was with me all the way, acting as my chaperone.

I eventually fell in love with big-hearted guy and we decided to get married. When that happened, he stepped to the side of the parcel and pulled out his parents, siblings and entire extended family who welcomed and loved me with open hearts.

In it, we also found the means to get married, to go for Umrah and a honeymoon. There was always something in there that led us to another chapter of our lives.

The parcel is still there at my door and there's barely a dent in it. And just when I thought "OK, we're done soon", it fills up again! And again and again...

It's a gift that keeps on giving!


I believe that's what most converts feel.

We've lived 10, 20 years, or more, of our lives never having prayed for anything, or had anyone prayed for us for anything. Yet, we were given the gift of Islam without asking for it.

What have we done to deserve this mercy? We never prayed, never fasted, never avoided everything that was haram. Born Muslims have had their parents pray the best of this world and the next for them but as converts, we never had that! We never even thought of asking for those things ourselves!

Such is our Creator who loves us before we loved him, who remembers us before we remembered him, who seeks us so that we may begin to seek him.

He is our Creator who runs to us when we take just one step towards Him.

I love you so much Allah.

My treasured gifts all in one picture :)


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