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He is enough

One of the most unforgettable nights we had together was when I was pregnant and sleeping at my parents’ place. We didn’t have a room there so we had the move the coffee table in the living room to make space for 2 mattresses to be placed side by side. There wasn’t any aircon but we had 3 fans pointed at us; 1 ceiling fan, 1 standing fan, 1 wall fan. Getting ready for bed meant adjusting the oscillation of the fans for optimal wind flow. “Can feel? Or a bit more to the right?” I wasn’t working then. Before sleeping, Aizat decided that he wanted to calculate how much we’d need to amass before we could both retire and just spend the rest of our lives being with our families and the incoming baby. We reached about 10+ millions on his calculator when - “Alamak!! Forget to count your parents’ insurance la... Start back, start back.” I was so tickled by his comment I started to giggle and snort. Then, he began to giggle and soon we were both laughing uncontrollably. I buried my face in between his arms, onto his chest as it bobbed up and down from his laughs. As the remnant sighs of our laughter died down, I told him I loved him. I never knew I could be this happy not “marrying a rich man”, not “living in a landed house”, not “owning a car” - everything that was on my list for the ideal husband when I was younger. In fact, I never imagined I could be this happy sleeping on the floor of my parents’ living room while heavily pregnant. I can’t even make it sound as pathetic as I want it to be because it was enough! And my heart was content. From that day on, I never prayed for wealth and riches, I prayed for contentment. Although I find myself falling off the track sometimes, I know I’m in good hands because this guy is always enough ♥️ #garlictomynaan


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