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We're basically like Thanos

As humans, we are given a tremendous amount of power.

We have this power because we were given free will.

Although everything has been predestined for us, how we choose to react has been left to us.

It is how we are tested. It is how we are judged.

I used to be rather arrogant being an atheist and thinking that I knew everything that needs to be known about the world. Even if I didn’t have the knowledge in my head, I knew I had it at my fingertips because the answer for everything was in Science.

It wasn’t until I converted that I began observing and understanding everything through a different lens. I began to ponder and reflect on love, on life, and on faith, on a much deeper level. I realised that things just weren’t what they seem at the surface.

It was like uprooting small tree - a mere metre or so tall - only to find that its roots extended for metres and metres beneath the ground, reaching an expanse far greater than the shade it provided above the ground.

But nothing was as big of a revelation as much as this:

  • Blessings are only blessings if they bring us closer to Allah

  • Tragedies are only tragedies if they take us further away from Allah

If Allah had blessed you with an abundance of rizq, but it causes you to abandon your prayers in the name of sustaining the lifestyle which He gave to you in the first place, then it wasn’t a blessing. It was a terrible misfortune.

On the contrary, if Allah had stripped away all your possessions, leaving you with absolutely nothing, but that, in turn, brings your hands and your knees, to the ground day after day, night and night, just pouring our heart out to Him, and relying on no one but Him, Masha Allah, do you see the tremendous blessing He had actually bestowed upon you?

And if we were to find ourselves in this position, will we even be able to see the tremendous gift that He has give to us?

Will we realise at that point that many people go through their entire lives never having experienced that closeness to Allah, but yet He has chosen to grant it to us?

Masha Allah, the weight of this realisation brought tears to my eyes 😢

I used to view tragedy and blessings with the shallowest of understandings. If it makes me feel sad, then it’s a tragedy. If it makes me happy, then surely it must be a blessing!

How shallow of a view was that!

We have to learn to discern blessings and tragedy not with us as the focal point.

It should be, and should always have been, Allah.

And the most amazing part of this is that Allah has given us the power to transform anything we’re given or destined with - be it blessings or tragedies - into whatever it is that we want.

Everything we face in life can be a blessing if we choose to act on them as blessings. On the other hand, you could be given the world 10 times over and it would still be a tragedy if you choose to act on them as if it were one.

The key here is choice.

And this is a choice that Allah had given to us.

It’s like Allah saying, “If you don’t like what I have bestowed upon you, then change it. I have given you the power to do so.”

Just imagine the power we have in our hands.

We’re basically like Thanos - just a snap of our fingers and we can change what be believe to be the fabric of reality. With just a snap of our fingers, everything we encounter on this earth can be turned into a blessing.

#salat #struggles #selfhelp

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